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In Ontario’s bustling construction industry, it is not an easy task to stand out from the crowd. It takes determination, skill, and professionalism; traits that tend to come with years of experience. With this in mind, it is surprising when a relatively new company builds a reputation for its commitment to excellence in restoration work. Toronto-based Maxcon Inc., which was founded by Pavel Portelles Rivas and Arash Motamedi in 2018, is one such company. Having worked on some of the most important buildings in the Greater Toronto Area, the company has already made its mark as a trusted general contractor specializing in heritage restoration. With a passionate team and a customer-centric approach, Maxcon Inc. has been steadily expanding its services and is well on the way to becoming one of the largest restoration companies in Canada.

For Pavel, this journey began in 2008. Working at Clifford, one of the country’s leading restoration companies, he honed his skills in historical procedures and immersed himself in the restoration of churches and heritage buildings. As he explains, these experiences were hugely formative. “By 2011, I was already pretty good with my hands. At the same time, I started to develop leadership skills. When I first came here, I didn’t want to work toward somebody else’s dreams. I wanted to work on my own.” A firm believer in personal and professional development, he decided to pursue this dream by establishing his own company, Safe Unlimited Masonry. The move proved to be a shrewd one. While working on a TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) transportation project in 2017, Pavel met Arash. Recognizing their shared values and the professional and leadership skills each brought to the table, they joined forces and founded Maxcon Inc. in 2018. While the company’s focus has been on heritage restoration since that time, it has expanded its offerings and now provides general contracting services to its clients such as concrete work, demolition, and miscellaneous metal services.

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A desire to grow and meet the customer’s needs lies at the heart of Maxcon Inc.’s success. However, while doing this, the company also strives to create a healthy and trustworthy environment. As Arash explains, financial success is not the core value of the company. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that it has been a welcome by-product of creating a company that places huge value on its people and its relationships. “In Toronto, there is a huge amount of work. However, there is a limited workforce and an even more limited competent workforce. So, we try to bring that understanding to the table. Our aim is to build an organization which is not just good on the job sites and operation phases but also has a healthy, respectful, and more humanistic approach.”

With the support of 25 full-time staff members, project workers, and sub-contractors, Maxcon Inc. seems to be doing just that. Its skilled staff can solve its customers’ problems through a proactive and intelligent approach. The company goes the extra mile by striking a balance between competitive pricing, superior quality, and exceptional customer service. In addition to providing this high-quality service, the company’s goal is to provide a positive experience for its customers. For Pavel, it is the people behind that product that has the most worth. “A product isn’t delivered properly if the people that are standing behind the product don’t have good values. We study our competitors and what they are lacking so we can bring that value to the table. We do this, not only in price, but in quality and service and safety: the four main things a client will wish for.”

“Its skilled staff can solve its customers’ problems through a proactive and intelligent approach.”

Unsurprisingly for a company that has built its reputation on the careful restoration of historical buildings, those at Maxcon Inc. have an innate love for restoring the past and giving old buildings a new lease of life. This love stems from years of experience in the field but also, as Arash explains, from a desire to contribute positively to the well-being of the local community. “When we look at a project, we consider a number of factors. If there is any chance that we can leave a footprint with our notions of life, or the way we see the industry, we prefer to take on those types of jobs. If there is an opportunity to serve our community, we prefer to do so.” For Pavel and Arash, these are not just words, either. In fact, much of the work Maxcon Inc. has carried out in Toronto has improved the safety and appearance of shared spaces where the community gathers to carry out everyday activities. Some examples of this are the restoration of the church of St. Aidan, the Toronto District School Board schools, and 197 King Mixed use. It goes without saying that this philosophy also applies to the company’s non-restoration work. Maxcon Inc. has provided its masonry, concrete, and demolition services to the wastewater treatment plant in Branford, and a number of police stations, fire stations, and schools throughout the Toronto area. One project in particular that stands out is the new masonry work Maxcon Inc. provided for a six-story building on McNicoll St.

The search for excellent service and healthy values is also at the core of Maxcon Inc.’s recruitment process and staff culture. The company places great importance on selecting team members and subcontractors who align with its values, exhibit results-oriented behaviors, and strive for excellence. Pavel emphasizes how, despite an increasingly busy schedule, he will always sit with candidates, employees, and potential partners for in-person interviews and meetings. “We get a better feeling when we interview the person. We have regular meetings among ourselves, and we also try to invest time in our managers and employees.” It is these ‘intangibles’ that helps to create an environment of respect and dedication. Recognizing the power of personal growth, Maxcon Inc. encourages its staff to invest time in themselves, which ultimately pays off in both their professional and personal lives.

Looking ahead, Pavel and Arash aim to achieve further growth by maximizing efficiency, securing healthy contracts, and maintaining a good profit margin. For them, the future is about ensuring the company’s long-term sustainability and success. “We have the energy, the knowledge, motivation, and the ability to continue growing the company organically,” says Pavel. Additionally, Maxcon Inc. aims to expand its heritage restoration and general contractor services beyond the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada. “We would like to expand at some point and have different groups all over Canada. As one of the founders of the company, I would like my staff to have some participation and involvement in this expansion process,” concludes Portelles Rivas. These words, once again, emphasize his belief in a customer-centric approach with a strong focus on employee development. With huge success and a highly enviable reputation for quality and honesty, it seems as though things are on the right track for Maxcon Inc.

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