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Technology-Led Design: Buildings for the Future

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Companies everywhere strive to keep up with rapidly changing technology, ensuring their teams use the latest systems and software for efficient production, service delivery, and interactions. While businesses value innovative tools for success, it is equally important to consider how technology is physically integrated into their building infrastructure and how the entire ecosystem increasingly operates harmoniously to realize the full potential of workplace performance, well-being, and experience.

CS Erickson is part of the movement to transform how businesses think of commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and healthcare space construction by shifting to technology-led design. The team, under leadership of President, Josh Lester, is redefining the role of specialty trade construction. “Business owners, facility operators, and builders often leave untapped potential or value on the table by leaving technology out of the conversation at the beginning of the building design process. Given the ever-growing demand for technology, there is a need for reform in the process to capture more value,” says Lester.

CS Erickson is a specialty trade contractor based in West Michigan, supporting both their local community partners and global clients to build, maintain, and operate smarter environments. Born from the acquisition of two homegrown West Michigan based electrical contracting companies along with an A/V technology portfolio from one of their owner companies, CS Erickson is a young but powerful addition to the nation’s electrical and tech landscape. They are quickly making a name for themselves, jumping to the front of industry innovation and best practice as well as influencing the way businesses understand, integrate, and utilize emerging technologies in their professional environments.

CS Erickson specializes in design and construction of smart buildings, considering both current construction and future operation. They leverage advanced technology to enhance form, function, and experience, ensuring elevated customer experiences and optimal project outcomes for architects, builders, owners, and operators. Lester emphasizes, “We understand the kind of partner builders need as well as the partner building owners need, and we’ve figured out how to create the perfect marriage for all in the process.” Leading electrical & technology systems development from concept to construction, CS Erickson helps deliver high-tech projects on time and within budget.

With a proven ability to integrate building systems infrastructure and commitment to deliver on a tight schedule, CS Erickson executed a fast and effective solution for Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing (GRAM), manufacturers of quality sterile injectable manufacturing services. Partnering with Visser Brother General Contractors, CS Erickson helped design and build electrical systems for GRAM’s new state-of-the-art 110,000-square-foot finishing center, a build-out of office, warehouse, and production lines with cGMP space.

Because they push technology to its limits, the team at CS Erickson enjoys partnering with a certain kind of client: those with an equally aspirational mindset. “From a vision standpoint, we are aligning with clients that are innovative and forward thinking. These kinds of clients think big, transform industries, and need a like-minded partner to achieve their goals,” says Lester. “We’re redefining what the market expects from a technical trade partner, creating strong partnerships in the industry because we are a technology partner who understands the building process. I believe you will see this type of relationship develop more often as technology becomes more relevant in building spaces.” This is evident in their recently completed collaboration with Grand Rapids based BAMF Health (Bold Advanced Medical Future). BAMF Health needed a specialty trade partner who would match their innovative and forward-thinking mindset in the field of cancer detection and treatment with technology solutions that promote and uphold the innovative tech required of its operations. CS Erickson delivered a full suite of services including technology consulting, design and construction, electrical construction, AV technology integration, facility and building systems, and structured cabling, the ultimate manifestation of smart space integration.

“We strive to be our client’s most trusted partner by creating smarter environments that empower them to do their best work. To us, integrating smart technology should improve performance of the building and the people within the building. It should also enhance the experience for all that interact with and within the building. One such aspirational project recently completed by the team at CS Erickson, is the development of Amway HQ’s new workspace: The Treehouse. The task was to re-envision the space to inspire collaboration, connection, and innovation. CS Erickson delivered technology and structured cabling solutions for Amway; a company rooted in history as it grows towards the future. 

Not only does technology support the services CS Erickson provides for their clients, it is also critical to their growth and success. “As much as we push technology for our clients and their spaces, we also utilize technology for our own operations. We believe our work environment embodies who we are and what we offer,” says Lester. “We invest heavily into our people, processes, and spaces.” Currently we are working on our operating process incorporating an effective suite of systems, both commercial and proprietary, we call GPS,” says Lester. “Guaranteed Project Success is a framework to ensure efficiency, quality and the best experience possible for both our team and our clients.”

“People Matter. Plan Forward. Deliver an Exceptional Experience.”

Their commitment to exceeding customer expectations is evident in the CS Erickson business ethos: “People Matter. Plan Forward. Deliver an Exceptional Experience.” By putting people at the forefront of their business, both internally and externally, they prioritize nurturing relationships. The positive atmosphere is authentic, creates enthusiasm, fosters teamwork, and promotes individual growth and security. It is all about people thriving. “Plan Forward” is the second value and guides how CS Erickson acts. They believe the industry will continue to evolve, introducing a wide array of challenges which they see as an opportunity to face in a compelling and applicable way. Planning is ritualized in every action resulting in the development of curious minds for an endless pursuit of learning, continuous improvement and innovation giving them credibility, capability, and perspective of meaningful insight when it matters most. The third and final leg of their ethos is “Deliver an Exceptional Experience.” By living out their first two core values and keeping a keen eye and ear on delivering desired outcomes envisioned they believe they have found a formula for elevating the experience.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of their industry, CS Erickson stands out by leading the shift to technology-led design in commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and healthcare spaces. Their recent success helping their clients deliver projects has helped solidify their approach to specialty trade contracting. By utilizing advanced technology not only for clients but also for their operations, CS Erickson ensures efficiency, quality, and an exceptional value through their Guaranteed Project Success framework. Their business ethos revolves around valuing people, planning forward for industry challenges, and a commitment to consistently delivering an exceptional experience. As CS Erickson continues to redefine expectations in the technical trade sector, they are excited for the future and making their stamp on the evolving era of building and operating smarter work environments.

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