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Building a Better Future with Safety, Cultural Values & Dedication to First Nations Communities

RAW Group stands as a trailblazer in the construction industry, breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes. This Canadian Certified First Nations Corporation, founded in 2019, is dedicated to serving and protecting First Nations communities with a strong commitment to its cultural heritage, meaningful employment opportunities and growth. Through the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, turn-key solutions, and the dedication of its employees, RAW Group has achieved extraordinary success. This serves as a powerful testament to the limitless potential of First Nations communities, making the company a source of pride that embodies the spirit of determination. RAW Group’s achievement is clear evidence that with a combination of hard work and a commitment to excellence, anything is possible.

RAW Group distinguishes itself in the management of its subcontractors and its ability to provide turn-key solutions on time, on budget, the first time, every time. Supplementing its General Contracting and Construction Management services, RAW Group self performs several scopes including: electrical contracting, pre-engineered buildings, and civil works. RAW has a proven track record of successfully delivering turnkey packages and design-build services, including multiple projects for First Nations communities. In addition to its rich history and wealth of experience, RAW Group’s expertise in pre-engineered buildings allows it to provide high-quality, cost-effective projects for clients in various industries.

In order to succeed in business, a company needs many things, skill, determination and a commitment to professional excellence. However, in addition to that, a company needs something that is a little less tangible. True excellence comes from a company vision, something that will embody what the company and its employees stand for. The Seven Grandfather Teachings are at the heart of the RAW Group’s success, serving as its core values and guiding principles. According to Morgan Messenger, Business Development Manager at RAW Group, these teachings form the core beliefs that guide RAW Group. Not only that, but for Messenger, they have a massive impact on the company’s ongoing success.

“The Seven Grandfather Teachings are critical to our company’s growth and success. We believe in Love, Respect, Bravery, Truth, Honesty, Humility, and Wisdom, and these values guide all of our business decisions and interactions with clients,” said Messenger. It is clear from speaking to Messenger that the Seven Grandfather Teachings are not just a set of values, they are a way of life for RAW Group and are fully integrated into every aspect of the company’s culture and operations.

The impact of these values on the company is undeniable. In the face of the pandemic, RAW Group not only survived but thrived and rose as an example of resilience and leadership in the construction industry. Having established itself in 2019, the same year Covid-19 emerged, the company faced numerous challenges such as supply chain issues and a shortage of skilled labor. “It all goes back to the principles the company is founded upon,” said Messenger. “Of course, there were many challenges, but we navigated them with our team and a steadfast commitment to employee safety.”

“At RAW Group, safety is our top priority.”

When asked about the company’s growth during challenging times, Messenger credited his remarkable team for their hard work and determination. “Our team is the reason for our rapid growth. We are a small team that is capable of doing great things, and every member of the team is multi-talented and dedicated to getting the job done right the first time.” The company’s success is a testament to both the 100+ years of combined experience that its key employees hold, and the successful partnerships it has nurtured with major mining conglomerates such as Vale, Glencore, KGHM, among others.

“We are well-equipped to handle new projects and take on new challenges,” said Messenger. This belief is evidenced through excellent projects RAW Group has completed for organizations such as Sudbury Hydro, Health Sciences North, Greater Sudbury Police Services, SNOLab, multiple First Nations, Kirkland Lake and District Hospital, and all of the school boards in the Greater Sudbury area. For Messenger, these projects demonstrate the high levels that clients of RAW Group have come to expect, and showcases the company’s expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions. “Our company’s cultural values and commitment to employee safety guide everything we do,” he says. “We are proud to have established a reputation for quality and excellence in the industry.”

As the conversation with Messenger progressed, his emphasis on safety at RAW Group became ever more apparent. He mentioned the company’s commitment to safety, which he explained was connected to its values and to the principles of the Seven Grandfather Teachings. Messenger emphasized that safety was not only a common practice at RAW Group but was taken much more seriously. Incredibly, for those at RAW Group, safety is given top priority over any other job or task. “We have love for all, and we have the wisdom and bravery to ensure our safety standards are above industry compliance,” he added.

What truly sets RAW Group apart from its competitors is this unwavering commitment to safety. This is a company that believes that safety should never be compromised for the sake of completing a job, and this is evident in its ISNetworld certification. This third-party safety auditor has verified its safety practices, and they have been able to work with major corporations like Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One, which have the most stringent safety practices in the province.

“At RAW Group, safety is our top priority,” said Messenger. “We believe in creating a smart, up-to-date work environment where all employees are trained to recognize and mitigate workplace hazards. We prioritize the safety of our employees, and it is our duty to ensure that our safety standards always exceed industry compliance.”

In addition to this commitment to safety, RAW Group is also committed to working with First Nations communities to ensure its operations are aligned with its values. As a Certified Aboriginal Business, the company is dedicated to providing employment and training opportunities in addition to reducing its carbon footprint. RAW Group has set green goals to be achieved on a quarterly basis and plans to have a majority green fleet by 2030. RAW Group is also proud to have the second-highest number of Indigenous electrical apprentices in the province and is always looking for ways to increase this number. “Our mission is to ‘move forward together’ with First Nations communities. We believe in providing opportunities for growth and development for Indigenous people and are proud to be a leader in this area.”

The conversation with RAW Group left me feeling optimistic about its future. It is rare to find a company that is dedicated to excellence, safety, cultural values, and sustainability above profit margins and growth. These values ensure that the company is making a positive impact in the construction industry and beyond. RAW Group’s commitment to the Seven Grandfather Teachings, safety, and First Nations communities serves as a model for how businesses can prioritize people and the planet. RAW Group is building a better future for all, and I look forward to following its continued success.

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